True Little North Gift Registry FAQ

A Gift Registry is a great way to let your friends & family know how they can help you to get prepared for your new arrival. By registering at True Little North, you can be confident that you will be selecting the best products for your little ones.

Creating and Managing a Registry FAQ

How do I start a gift registry?
  1. Click on the “Gift Registry” icon located at the top right-hand corner of our home page.
  2. Select “Create A Gift Registry”
  3. Complete the information and create the Registry.
  4. Follow the instruction on the email you will receive.
  5. Enter all of the information for your registry and then you can start adding products!
What if I have started a registry but don’t want people to view it yet?

If you are not ready to share your registry yet you can hold off on sharing it until you are set to go. You can also keep a registry as ‘private’ until you are ready to share it.

    How do I add products to my registry?

    Once you are signed into your account you can browse the websites and add items as you go.

    How can I make changes to my account information?

    Sign into your account and select the EDIT icon.

    How do I share my registry with friends and family?

    Sign into your account (see “How do I access my registry”) Select “Share”. Add as many recipients as you like (the persons name and email address is required) and the registry information will be sent straight to them. If you would prefer to send it separately you can provide your registry number or registry URL to your friends and family.

    What if I notice an item I have received is not marked as fulfilled on my registry?

    If someone has purchased something for you but not through your registry it will not be marked as fulfilled. If you notice this please contact our Customer Care team and they will be able to assist you.

    What happens when someone buys something off my registry?

    When a gift is purchased off your registry you will receive an email notification letting you know that the purchase has been made. If it is an online order you will receive tracking information once the order is on route.

    How do I delete a registry?

    Sign into your account (see “How do I access my registry”) and select Delete. Please note: This cannot be undone!

    How long after my event date will my registry be available?

    Your registry will be accessible until the date of your event. After your event date, the registry can be viewed but not edited. Please contact our Customer Care team for assistance editing a registry past the event date.

    What if someone buys me something that is not on my registry?

    If someone purchases something for you, you'll get a notification and you will receive tracking information once it is on route (if it is being shipped to you).

    Can I add pre-order items to my registry? What happens with these items if they are ordered for me?

    Definitely! Pre-order items are usually high-demand products that everyone is waiting for!! If a pre-order item is purchased off your registry they will be shipped as soon as they are back in stock making you one of the first to receive the product!

    Gift Givers FAQ

    What address should I ship the gift to?

    You can choose to send the product to any address you like! You can choose the address to ship to at Checkout.

    I put the wrong address! How can I change where I want the purchase shipped to?

    No problem! Contact us at


    What happens if I buy something that says “Pre Order”?

    Guarantee being one of the first to receive the latest products by pre-ordering through! If you purchase a gift that is a pre-order, it will be shipped to the registrant as soon as they arrive!

    Will the registrant be notified that something was purchased for them?
    Yes! When a purchase is made the registrant will receive an email letting them know that something has been purchased from their registry.

    If the purchase is being shipped to the registrant, they will also receive a shipping notification once the product is on route to them.

    If you have any other questions, kindly contact us at