About Us

We voyaged back to Canada to start fresh after spending over a decade in various parts of the world, but we never anticipated to move during a chaos of a Global Pandemic.

Our passion for woodworking kept growing during this time and we began to explore the diverse parts of design styles. We got our selves hooked with the characteristics of Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern Vogue and Plywood Eh Inc. was born.

Amidst of the lockdown, our Children became our main inspiration to start “True Little North ”, they inspired us to be creative in a way that it had to be simple, educational, fun and promote open-ended.

It sparked the creative vibe in our minds that we thought why not create a fresh, cool, simple kids furniture brand. We at True Little North believe in sustainability, quality, versatility, safety and style that will help families to create healthy and happy spaces to grow.
Who we are

We are Fiaz and Daniel, We come from Telecom and Finance background respectfully.

What we do

We are two individuals who are very hard working and passionate. We are committed to create some of the finest pieces of hand crafted furniture according to your preferences and They stand Unique on their own.

We believe in giving back to the community and supporting local.